Sinbosen FP14000 4400w 2 Kanal Hochleistungsverstärker für zwei 18 Zoll Bass

MOQ 1 piece
Zahlungsmittel Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Aktualisierungszeit 2018-06-19
ArtProfessioneller Leistungsverstärker
8Ω Ausgangsleistung2400WX2
4Ω Ausgangsleistung4400WX2
FarbeSchwarz Blau
ZertifizierungCE, ROHS, TÜV
Garantie3 Jahre
Kondensatoren3300U / 200V
SpezialdienstOEM-Service angeboten
One FP14000 amplifier can use with 2 pcs Dual 18 inch subwoofer
8Ω Stereo Power(RMS) 2400WX2
4Ω Stereo Power(RMS) 4400WX2
8Ω Bridged Power(RMS) 8800W
4Ω Bridged Power(RMS) 14000W


Four-channel flexibility
Bass sound quality – impeccable sonic performance standards with durability and greater efficiency
Patented Class TD amplifier topology – Road-proven output stage delivers Class B audio quality with Class D efficiency
Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) – Output power remains constant even with significant drops in the mains voltage
Efficient cooling system - Unique, lightweight Intercoller copper cooling system dissipates more heat to allow extended peak output
Adjustable parameters - Selectable Gain, scalable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL), and bridge-mode operation allow custom configuration for any application
Comprehensive protection and warning – Excessive output current, DC, high temperature, very high frequency (VHF), short circuit, open load, mains fuse protection, and soft start
XLR input connectors
Heavy-duty binding post or Speakon output connectors

Some materials informations as follow:

1. Extended 20mm heatsink, more longer and more thick.

2. High quality Blue amplifier board.

3. Use original "Sanken" and "Fairchild" transistor.

4. Use high quality fan from Taiwan.

5. Use original "Siemems" capacitors.
- 10pcs 3300uf/200V
- 4pcs 1800uf/200V

6. Use Switzerland XLR Brand -- Neutrik

FP 14000 Power Amplifier Feedback and Video 
Using FP14000 For Dual 18" Subs At The Spain Outdoor Event